Welcome to the Club Protocols page. Here you will learn useful tips around Traditional Muay Thai Protocal that is conducted at all out training centers.

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Protocols List Below:

  • Always try to arrive at least 10/15 mins before class begins. This way you can help set up and prepare yourself for the class. Everyone helps to put kit out and put it away.
  • Fees are paid on entry, before the class begins.
  • Wai (Thai Baow) is a sign of respect. You should always Wai as you enter any Muay Thai Training Centre and you should also Wai as you greet your instructor and fellow students. The Wai is also used to as a sign top show, respect and a committed agreement after being given instruction.
  • Greet your instructor with Sawa-dee-ka (if you’re a girl) and Sawa-dee-krap (if you’re a guy) This is a traditional Thai greeting. Often the Wai and the greeting are done together.
  • If you have any physical injury or mental health issue please make your instructor aware of it before you start training. This is so that the Instructor can advise you and keep an eye on your well-being.
  • Depending on rank our you should refer to your Instructors as Kru or Arjan
  • When an instructor is talking you should be facing him or her and stand upright, with hands behind your back in the (PAK Position). This is to show your alert and ready to respond to the instruction.
  • To respond in agreement to your instructor you should say KAP, which means YES in Thai.
  • Your appearance should look be tide and maintained. Your T shirt must be tucked in at all times and kept in good condition. Gym kit and colors are to be worn after the 1st month of training.
  • This is not a social club…so no conversing with each other during class. (Unless it is regarding training matters.)
  • At the end of the class stand in Pak position face your instructor for de briefing /end of session.
  • All kit must be put away before you get dressed!
  • Uncontrolled malicious acts of violence carried out against another class member is not permitted. Anyone behaving in this way will be permanently excluded from training at the club.
  • While training the Instructors/Kru/Ajarns word is final! Our training methods are designed to be fun, challenging, informative and disciplined. Enjoy your class and always give 100 %! Oss!

Our Grading System

Muay Thai Masters Academy Levels of Proficiency

This is a short description of the Muay Thai Masters Academy’s hierarchy of students, Instructors and Master’s proficiency in the art of Muay Thai.

Master Levels of Proficiency Principal
Muay Thai Master (Arjan)

The Principal Master shall be responsible for the teaching many students the traditional values and skills necessary for the natural growth, harmony and development of Muay Thai. He shall be primarily responsible for the training and educational standards of the sport in the many school, clubs and camps. The Master shall have a thorough and proper understanding of the principles of Muay Thai. The Master shall embody both technical and practical skills to a standard of excellence.

Instructor Levels of Proficiency
Senior Instructor (Kru)

The Senior Instructor shall be an established and accomplished instructor, with a strong and dedicated foundation in Muay Thai. The instructor shall be well versed in all the principles and techniques of Muay Thai, and will be able to teach these to his students to a high standard recognised by M.T.M.A. Instructors shall have had several years (2 – 5) of experience in the art, passed all grading syllabuses and have shown their ability to be of a high calibre, with a willingness to help others.

Student Levels of Proficiency

This shows the levels, approximately minimum training periods necessary to achieve the levels and the appropriate identification that should be worn at training sessions and at competitions.

Khan 10 – 6 monthsWhiteLevel 1
Khan 26 – 12 monthsYellow
Khan 312 – 18 monthsYellow & White
Khan 419 – 24 monthsGreenLevel 2
Khan 524 – 30 monthsGreen & white
Khan 630 – 36 monthsBlue
Khan 736 – 42 monthsBlue & WhiteLevel 3
Khan 842 – 48 monthsBrown
Khan 948 – 54 monthsBrown & WhiteLevel 4
Khan 1054 – 60 monthsRed
  1. White
  2. Yellow
  3. Yellow & white
  4. Green
  5. Green & white
  6. Blue
  7. Blue & white
  8. Brown
  9. Brown & white
  10. Red
  11. Trainee instructor – Red & white
  12. Qualified instructor (kru) – Red & yellow
  13. Senior instructor (kru yai) – Red & silver
  14. Master of Muay Thai (arjan) – Silver grand master – gold

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